DIY hair lightener with minimal damage


2 bags of camomile tea 

1/2 a tablespoon of honey

1 tablespoon of coconut oil

1 teaspoon of olive oil

1/2 a cup of 30% hydrogen peroxide 


  1. Place the tea bags  in 1/2 a cup of boiling water 
  2. Once the tea has cooled to warm remove the tea bags and add the honey, coconut oil and olive oil. Mix well till all the honey and coconut oil have melted
  3. Once the tea has completely cooled mix in the 1/2 cup of hydrogen peroxide.
  4. Put the mixture into a spray bottle and spray onto the sections of the hair that you want to lighten.


A mixture of coconut oil and olive oil will prevent the coconut oil from solidifying at room temperature.

This will not lighten hair straight away, it might take a couple of sessions before seeing a difference. 

Make sure to use a hair mask after use because this can still be a bit drying on the hair.