James Heeley Perfume review.

I love perfumes with coconut notes, but nice ones are few and hard to come by. When I saw that James Heeley did a coconut based perfume and they shipped to Australia I knew I had to try it I have been trying to find a coconut based perfume that rivals JLO miami glow since it has been discontinued in 2009.

When I went on the website I saw that they sold perfume samples that are 2ml each for 3 euro. This is great because you can try the perfumes without having to commit to buying a full size bottle.

I ended up buying 3 perfume samples Figuier, Menthe Fraiche and Coccobello. Coccobello is the perfume that I originally wanted to try because of the coconut notes.




The notes of this perfume are:

Palm leaves


Fresh coconut

Sea salt

Bourbon Vanilla

Virginian cedarwood




Honestly I was rather disappointed with this perfume. The smell of the palm leaves is quite over powering which makes this a rather green scent, I was hoping for something that was a bit warmer. The notes of coconut and vanilla are easily distinguishable as well but I cannot pick out the other notes. This is a fairly strong perfume so a little goes a long way and the scent does stay on the skin for a long time. I will not be purchasing this fragrance in the future because it is a bit to green for my tastes, but it is a truly unique perfume I have never smelt anything like it.

Menthe Fraiche 


This is a  unisex fragrance  and it has notes of:




Green Tea


White Cedar

This is probably my favourite fragrance out of the three that I chose, it does smell a bit like toothpaste because it is a mint based scent but the floral notes makes it less clinical. This is quite a masculine scent for me, but I will happily finish the sample. This scent lasted well on my skin, but it does not have the same staying power as Coccobello.



As the name suggests this is a fig based perfume. This is also a unisex fragrance and the notes are:

Fresh grass


Fig Leaf

White tea


White Cedar

Dry Grass

White Musk

This scent probably the lest unique out of all of them. It smells quite similar to the Dyptique Philosykos or the l’eau de Cassis L’or Jaune. It is quite a soapy scent that smells much like fresh linen. This is probably the scent that I feel the most comfortable wearing but it is nothing out of the ordinary and I feel that the scent disappears quite quickly.



Overall I do not think that I will be purchasing any of these perfumes full size. Even though Menthe Fraiche and Cocobello are rather unique scents I do not like the way that Coccobello settles on my skin and Menthe Friache is a touch to manly for my taste. If you like fig based perfumes I defiantly recommend giving Figuer a sniff it is a pleasant scent but I much prefer the fig based scent from Dyptique.

These are great original perfumes, if you ever see James Heeley perfumes do give them a sniff they might surprise you. I will probably buy more samples in the future to test out the other fragrances because they are so unique.