Sorry I have not written a blog post for a while, I was away on holiday and it turns out that not all 1st world countries have easily accessible internet. 

So first things first what is co-washing? 

Co-washing is essentially only washing your hair with conditioner and skipping the first step of shampooing the hair. This technique works because in all conditioners there are small amounts on cleansing agents. 

So why co-wash? 

The cleansing agents in the conditioner are much less harsh than the one in shampoo and it therefore still maintains the natural oil balance in the hair which helps it staying healthy. Plus it leaves hair a lot sleeker than it does when using shampoo then conditioner. Since it does still leave some of the natural oils intact this probably won’t work for people with oily hair.

10 tips for co-washing

1.Use a light conditioner I generally use one that is recommended for oily hair. Use whatever brand that you want my preference is any brand that is cruelty free

2. Wash your hair with water thoroughly before applying the conditioner. 

3. Use the conditioner as if you were using shampoo, apply it to the roots and give them a good scrub.

4. Try and use as little conditioner as possible, usually its the same amount as you use shampoo.

5. To make the conditioner cover more of your roots just duck your hair quickly under the shower and give your head another good rub. 

6. If your ends are dry use a heavier conditioner on them.

7. Wash your hair with shampoo every 6 weeks to remove product built up I love the Big shampoo by Lush but really you can use whatever you want.

8. Try and avoid conditioners with silicones in it, even though it makes your hair sleeker it also means that there will be more product build up on your scalp. 

9. Do not try and use a hair mask instead of conditioner this will just make your roots really oily. 

10. Co-washing does tend to leave your hair a bit flat, for extra volume dust a tiny bit of dry shampoo onto your roots. 


Give co-washing a try! It has done wonders for my hair