My fave skin care product.


For the better part of the last 6 months I have been using the Bioderma crealine H20 solution micellaire. I bought it in France and it is so cheap compared to here in Australia so I thought that I might as well try it out because it will not break the bank. I bought a pack of 2 500 ml bottles for 15 euro which is about 25 dollars for both which is amazing value.

I was using this product to instead of my normal facial cleanser mostly because I was too lazy to wash my face properly in the evening. After a few months of using this product I thought that my skin might be better if I started to wash my face properly. As soon as I stopped using this cleanser my face started breaking out, it was not bad but I started to get little blocked pores all over my face and a week after I started using this product again they were almost all gone.

This cleanser cleans better than anything else I have ever tried. Even after I have washed my face with my cleanser + clarisonic and I wipe a cotton pad soaked in the Bioderma solution it appears that it is still able to get some of the residual dirt off my face, using a cotton pad also adds some extra exfoliation which is always nice.

On a day to day basis I do not wear makeup and therefore this product works perfectly for my needs. I have tried to remove a full face of makeup bit the Bioderma solution several times in the past and it does work well but it is not as amazing as I thought it would be will all the hype around this product. I find that it doesn’t work that well for mascara especially waterproof mascara. To remove waterproof mascara any oil based makeup remover works much better or my favourite extra virgin olive oil any kitchen oil works great in my opinion. If I am removing my makeup with the Bioderma I will first remove my eye make up with an oil based cleanser or olive oil and them remove the residual oil and face makeup with the Bioderma cleanser.

Overall I love this product, it works for me because I rarely wear makeup and I have really sensitive skin. For those who wear heavy makeup on a daily basis I would recommend a different cleanser to remove eye makeup.