Lush Massage bars

I have a Lush obsession, firstly because they are against animal testing and secondly because the shops smell amazing.

Recently, my skin has been dry as the Sahara and I have felt like a scaly lizard that has been basking in the sun all day. Because of my serious dilemma, and the fact that I could no longer stretch my arms over my head in the fear that my skin was going to split open I went on a quest to find a new body moisturising product.

It turns out that this seemingly simple task was not as easy as it sounds. Supermarkets have very few products if any at all that don’t test on animals and the only one that I found was one that I tried in the past and my skin just refused to absorb it.

I gave up going to every shop around town that might have products that aren’t tested on animals and just went to Lush. I really was avoiding going into Lush because number 1 was never game enough to spend the $30 on a body lotion that looked like it was going to last me 3 weeks and number 2 because I always end up coming out of there with something that I will never use such as a bath bomb. The bath bombs always smell amazing and I temporarily forget that I hate baths and that it’s summer right now so most days its 40 degrees Celsius which is really not the kind of weather that makes you want to have a bath in.

This is a really just long way of explaining that once I got to Lush I realised that I have been silly and that obviously the massage bars can be used as a body lotion/body butter. The massage bars are much more wallet friendly than the body lotions.

As usual I couldn’t decide what to get so I decided to get 2. The Hottie Massage bar because it smells lovely and the Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage bar because the beans in it looked really soothing and my calves and feet have been really tight recently from running along the beach.

So finally here is the review of both products………..Image

I will start with the Hottie Massage bar first because I have been using this for the longest. I thought that the bumps on the surface would have a nice massaging effect when you apply it. In reality they have no purpose at all other than looking nice I don’t know if this is because of the weather and since its really hot it melts too quickly or it is actually just there for ascetic purposes, but when the bar is applied directly on to the skin it applies way too much product. When too much of the massage bar is applied it will take a long time to be absorbed by the skin and you will feel sticky and uncomfortable for hours.


On a positive note the bar is really moisturising, smells great on the skin and when applied correctly (Melting in the hands and then applying it from your hands to your skin) it is absorbed really quickly without making you feel too oily.


I can’t imagine that the Wiccy Magic muscle massage bar will appeal to many people. It doesn’t look as nice and the others and the smell is a bit offensive as well. To be honest if I didn’t have issues with my feet and calves when I went into the store that day I wouldn’t have even looked at it but I’m sure glad that I did.

The beans feel amazing on any tight muscles. The bar can be applied straight to the skin beans side up without applying too much product. Which makes it less fussy than the other bar to use, but I do rub the product in afterwards. Once applied to the skin it also has a lovely warming sensation.


The reason why I was so hesitant about getting this bar was because of the smell but after a couple of hours the smell dulls down to a really nice spicy scent and it can fit into a lush massage bar tin which makes it much simpler to travel with.

So if you have been hesitating getting this massage bar because of the scent I say don’t its a lovely product and the scent doesn’t last long on the skin.


New year, new me.

I have decided to write a blog.

I am neither a good writer, nor am I particularly funny or clever.

Then why are you writing a blog you ask?

Well, number 1 it’s the holidays and I need something to do other than just watching increasingly bad ┬áT.V. shows.

Number 2. I am a person without a hobby, and I have decided that I need one, I don’t know why but it makes me sound more interesting. I have also been told that running/exercise, cooking and online shopping do not count as hobbies. (Which was news to me)

and lastly Number 3. I need something to do outside my all consuming university life.

Writing a blog lets me share my “not” hobbies, hobbies with you all. Which means that I now have a hobby that really just involves everything that I already do the perfect lazy person way of finding a hobby.