New year, new me.

I have decided to write a blog.

I am neither a good writer, nor am I particularly funny or clever.

Then why are you writing a blog you ask?

Well, number 1 it’s the holidays and I need something to do other than just watching increasingly bad  T.V. shows.

Number 2. I am a person without a hobby, and I have decided that I need one, I don’t know why but it makes me sound more interesting. I have also been told that running/exercise, cooking and online shopping do not count as hobbies. (Which was news to me)

and lastly Number 3. I need something to do outside my all consuming university life.

Writing a blog lets me share my “not” hobbies, hobbies with you all. Which means that I now have a hobby that really just involves everything that I already do the perfect lazy person way of finding a hobby.


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