DIY hair colour booster

I have had my hair ombre/ balayage for a while now and I have gotten a bit bored with it. I also find that it looks more damaged than if it were just one colour. 

I am sick of commercial hair dyes and the damage that they do to my hair, therefore I thought that I might as well try a homemade solution to try and darken my locks a little. 


15 black tea bags 

2-3 shots of coffee or 2-3 tablespoons instant coffee 

4 springs of rosemary 

1 tablespoon honey 

3 tablespoons dutch cocoa powder 

1 tablespoon black food colouring 

1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar 

10 tablespoons plain yoghurt 

2 tablespoons coconut oil

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 

pinch of ground cloves 


1. The evening before boil the coffee, tea bags and rosemary in 1 cup of water, and reduce till only 3-4 tablespoons of liquid remain.

2. Strain out the rosemary and takeout the tea bags.

3. Add the 1 tablespoon honey to the liquid mixture. Mix and leave overnight. 

4. Place the mixture in the fridge overnight.

5. The next morning add yoghurt, black food colouring, apple cider vinegar, cocoa powder, ground cloves, olive oil and coconut oil to the mixture. Mix to combine.

6. Put the mixture on to your hair until saturated and wrap in cling film or alternatively place a shower cap over your hair. Leave on hair for 3-4 hours. 



This hair colour booster does make the hair feel a lot healthier and I do feel like a little colour has been deposited on my hair, I feel like my hair has redder undertones than it did before as well as darken up some of the blonder sections of my hair. I think the results might be better the more times that I do this so I will do it for the next month once a week to see if it makes a real difference. Otherwise I might have to go back to traditional hair dye, on the plus side even if this does not deposit any colour on to your hair it does make the hair feel silky soft and smell like a chocolate brownie. 





                  Before                                                       After 

The photos do not really do the colour booster any justice especially since the first one was taken after a run when my hair was all sweaty and a little gross. Overall I am pretty pleased with the results, I am surprised that it did anything to be honest. 



Homemade Larabars.

I am a terrible snacker, I don’t eat many big meals but I am constantly snacking.Therefore I am always on the hunt for tasty healthy or at least semi-healthy snacks.
My wonderful father brought me back a selection of Larabars from the United States of America a couple of months ago and I just fell in love with them, especially the Cherry Pie flavour, it is just the right amount of sweet and tart. Since you can not find these in Australia, well I have not found them anywhere, I decided to try and make them myself. It seemed an easy enough task especially because in most of the bars depending on the flavour there are only 3-4 ingredients. After some quantity tweaking I think that I got the recipe right.

Chocolate Chip Larabars
1 cup raw Almonds, Cashews or walnuts
1 cup dried Dates or Figs
1/2 cup Chocolate chips

1. Place the dates/figs and almonds/walnuts/cashews in a food processor.For the chocolate chip ones I used dates and cashews because thats the ingredients that are listed in the original Larabars.
2. If making one of the variations listed below add the other ingredients and blend once again. For the chocolate chip bars, just add the chocolate chips and pulse till combined.
3. Spread out on a baking sheet lined with baking paper
4. Once the mixture is cooled this should take a couple of hours, cut into bars. I cut mine into squares because I like them a bit smaller.

In the bought Larabars they don’t use figs. I prefer figs both texturally and taste wise. If you do you figs remember to cut off the hard stem because this will not blend. Mixing figs and dates makes the bars really yummy.
Try not to use only walnuts when making these bars, it is better to use a mixture of almonds and walnuts. Using an entire cup of walnuts might make the bars slightly bitter.
Do not use a high speed blender to blend the mixture this will make the mixture too pasty. You want there to be little bits of nuts throughout the whole bar.

Apple pie- 1 Cup walnuts/almonds/cashews, 1 cup dried apple, 1 Cup dried figs/dates, 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon.
Mint Chocolate- 1 cup Walnuts/almonds/cashews, 1 cup dried figs/ dates, 3 Tablespoons cocoa powder, 3-4 drops peppermint oil.
Cherry pie- 1 cup walnuts/almonds/cashews, 1 cup dried Cherries, 1 cup dried figs/dates, 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon (Optional). Make sure that the cherries are good quality, I used bed cherries once and the whole thing tasted like sultanas.
Banana bread- 1 cup walnuts/almonds/cashews, 1 cup dried Banana, 1 cup dried figs/dates,1/2 teaspoon cinnamon, 1/2 cup chocolate chips (Optional). For a more banana bread flavour, use a mixture of walnuts and almonds.
Lemon chia (Inspired by organic cliff bars)- 1 cup almonds, 1 cup dried figs/dates, zest of 2 lemons, juice of 1 lemon, 3-4 tablespoons chia seeds. This works the best if you soak the chia in the lemon juice 15mins prior to adding them to the mixture.

I have not tried a Carrot cake version, I do not have a dehydrator and I expect for the carrot cake bar they use dried carrot.

My fave skin care product.


For the better part of the last 6 months I have been using the Bioderma crealine H20 solution micellaire. I bought it in France and it is so cheap compared to here in Australia so I thought that I might as well try it out because it will not break the bank. I bought a pack of 2 500 ml bottles for 15 euro which is about 25 dollars for both which is amazing value.

I was using this product to instead of my normal facial cleanser mostly because I was too lazy to wash my face properly in the evening. After a few months of using this product I thought that my skin might be better if I started to wash my face properly. As soon as I stopped using this cleanser my face started breaking out, it was not bad but I started to get little blocked pores all over my face and a week after I started using this product again they were almost all gone.

This cleanser cleans better than anything else I have ever tried. Even after I have washed my face with my cleanser + clarisonic and I wipe a cotton pad soaked in the Bioderma solution it appears that it is still able to get some of the residual dirt off my face, using a cotton pad also adds some extra exfoliation which is always nice.

On a day to day basis I do not wear makeup and therefore this product works perfectly for my needs. I have tried to remove a full face of makeup bit the Bioderma solution several times in the past and it does work well but it is not as amazing as I thought it would be will all the hype around this product. I find that it doesn’t work that well for mascara especially waterproof mascara. To remove waterproof mascara any oil based makeup remover works much better or my favourite extra virgin olive oil any kitchen oil works great in my opinion. If I am removing my makeup with the Bioderma I will first remove my eye make up with an oil based cleanser or olive oil and them remove the residual oil and face makeup with the Bioderma cleanser.

Overall I love this product, it works for me because I rarely wear makeup and I have really sensitive skin. For those who wear heavy makeup on a daily basis I would recommend a different cleanser to remove eye makeup.

James Heeley Perfume review.

I love perfumes with coconut notes, but nice ones are few and hard to come by. When I saw that James Heeley did a coconut based perfume and they shipped to Australia I knew I had to try it I have been trying to find a coconut based perfume that rivals JLO miami glow since it has been discontinued in 2009.

When I went on the website I saw that they sold perfume samples that are 2ml each for 3 euro. This is great because you can try the perfumes without having to commit to buying a full size bottle.

I ended up buying 3 perfume samples Figuier, Menthe Fraiche and Coccobello. Coccobello is the perfume that I originally wanted to try because of the coconut notes.




The notes of this perfume are:

Palm leaves


Fresh coconut

Sea salt

Bourbon Vanilla

Virginian cedarwood




Honestly I was rather disappointed with this perfume. The smell of the palm leaves is quite over powering which makes this a rather green scent, I was hoping for something that was a bit warmer. The notes of coconut and vanilla are easily distinguishable as well but I cannot pick out the other notes. This is a fairly strong perfume so a little goes a long way and the scent does stay on the skin for a long time. I will not be purchasing this fragrance in the future because it is a bit to green for my tastes, but it is a truly unique perfume I have never smelt anything like it.

Menthe Fraiche 


This is a  unisex fragrance  and it has notes of:




Green Tea


White Cedar

This is probably my favourite fragrance out of the three that I chose, it does smell a bit like toothpaste because it is a mint based scent but the floral notes makes it less clinical. This is quite a masculine scent for me, but I will happily finish the sample. This scent lasted well on my skin, but it does not have the same staying power as Coccobello.



As the name suggests this is a fig based perfume. This is also a unisex fragrance and the notes are:

Fresh grass


Fig Leaf

White tea


White Cedar

Dry Grass

White Musk

This scent probably the lest unique out of all of them. It smells quite similar to the Dyptique Philosykos or the l’eau de Cassis L’or Jaune. It is quite a soapy scent that smells much like fresh linen. This is probably the scent that I feel the most comfortable wearing but it is nothing out of the ordinary and I feel that the scent disappears quite quickly.



Overall I do not think that I will be purchasing any of these perfumes full size. Even though Menthe Fraiche and Cocobello are rather unique scents I do not like the way that Coccobello settles on my skin and Menthe Friache is a touch to manly for my taste. If you like fig based perfumes I defiantly recommend giving Figuer a sniff it is a pleasant scent but I much prefer the fig based scent from Dyptique.

These are great original perfumes, if you ever see James Heeley perfumes do give them a sniff they might surprise you. I will probably buy more samples in the future to test out the other fragrances because they are so unique.



Yummy apple crumble smoothie.

I love smoothies, I find it a great way to start the day. My standard morning smoothie is banana blueberry but the other day I decided to try and make something different, because it is getting a bit cold at the moment I wanted to make a smoothie that can be drunk warm. 

So here is is the apple crumb smoothie.


1 cup apples, peeled and diced or 1/2 cup apple sauce 

5-10 dates depending on how sweet you want it 

1/2 cup baby spinach 

1/4 teaspoon cinnamon 

3/4 cup almond milk or water 


1. Put apples, dates and 2 tablespoons water in a saucepan and cook on low for 20 mins.


2. Once the apple and date mixture is cool, blend with the other ingredients.

3. Enjoy warm or cold 🙂 



If using apple sauce you might need to soak the dates in hot water for 5-10 mins before making the smoothie. 


The Ultimate guide to Paris

I am officially the most horrible blogger ever. University started again and I was completely swamped with work, but I’m back!!

I love Paris! Its one of my favourite cities in the world. I feel like over the past couple of years it has gotten a bad reputation. I have heard so many people say that the people are rude, that it’s overly crowded and that you will most likely be pick pocketed. I apart from the city being crowded I have never felt that Parisians were overly rude and I have always felt really safe in the city.

In the past 5 or so years I have been lucky enough to be given the chance to go to this city every 1 and a half years or so I discover something new every time. Here are some of my top tips to make your stay more enjoyable.  Image


1. If you hate crowds go in winter, the weather may not be as nice as it will be cold and wet but compared to winter most of the famous sites are empty and hotels are cheaper too. During the winter months there are also various outdoor ice skating rinks set up around the city. Look out for the ice skating rink on the first floor of the eiffel tower or in front of l’hotel de ville. The dates when they are up are easy to find online, make sure to look it up before you leave.



2. If you are going to go to the Louvre or Musee d’Orsay pre purchase your tickets at La Fnac this means that you get to skip most of the queue. In summer Musee D’orsay can have queues that last for hours. Pre purchasing tickets may be slightly more expensive I think about 2 euro more per ticket, but it is totally worth it!

3. Walk every where. When taking the metro you don’t see half as much and walking means that you get to explore parts of the city that you might not have seen before, also walking makes you hungry which means that you can eat more of the delicious french food.


4. When going to the Louvre choose maximum 3 sections that you want to see. You can not do the whole thing in one day it is huge. By the time you get through about a quarter of the museum you would have already had enough. My favourite exhibit is the ancient Egyptian one I love it, I have ever since my grandfather first took me there when I was a little kid. I have always found ancient Egypt super fascinating. Another thing to note is that most of the information about the exhibits is posted in French, so if you don’t know french get a Nintendo DS guide they are really informative but they do take some time to get used to.

5. Do not go to Disneyland, go to Parc Asterix instead. It’s just as fun but a lot more French plus even in the middle of summer it can often be empty but there are school groups that go there so beware.


6. Go the Berthillion. Its an ice cream parlour located on Ile St Louis not far from the Notre Dame de Paris. The sorbets are particularly good. My favourite is the wild strawberry (Fraise des bois in french) I believe that they may only have it in summer, try it if they do, it is amazing.


7. If you are a shopaholic much like myself make sure to reserve one day just for shopping. I love Zadig and Voltaire it is a brand that you can find everywhere but they have a outlet in Le Marais on Rue Bourg Tibourg which stocks the previous seasons clothes, these are at a reduced price from 30-70% off. I always love a good bargain on designer clothes. Next to Zadig and Voltaire there is Marriage frere the famous tea shop, they have amazing quality tea and most of it is quite reasonably priced a regular earl grey is about 7 euro for 100g, compared to T2 in Australia thats cheap. Other good purchases in Paris are perfumes, there are many perfumeries scattered around Paris that are not so easy to find in other parts of the world. Galeries la Fayette and Printemps also have a good selection. Perfumeries/ perfume brands to look out for are:

L’eau de Cassis, L’artisan parfumeur, James Heeley perfumes, Dyptique, Creed and Honore des pres. Guerlain on the Champs Elysees is worth a visit just because it is a stunning store.

8. Try the jewish food in Le Marais, for something cheap and tasty try L’as de falafel.

9. If you are travelling with more than 2 people take a taxi to the airport instead of the train, it will cost you around 40 euro to take a taxi where as the metro will cost you around 15 euro each. Taking a taxi is also a lot more convenient than trying to navigate through the metro with luggage especially if it is peak hour.

10. Stay somewhere central. We stayed in an apartment last time we went, it was great it meant that we didn’t have to eat out every night and it was very reasonably priced, well reasonably priced for Paris.

Try for serviced apartments otherwise I have stayed at the Novotel Montparnasse and Tour Eiffel both are good and in a fairly central location.

11. If you have a sweet tooth try the pastries at:

Fauchon, Laduree and Pierre Herme. Pierre Herme is my favourite the macaroons are better than Laduree I think and the cakes are amazing, some of the stores even do croissants, try the Isaphan croissant it is to die for, it is the perfect way to start the day.

For chocolate go to:

Pierre Marcolini (Not french I know. but still devine) or La Maison du Chocolate.

12. Lastly if you want to go out for a fancy meal, always go at lunch time. At lunch you can get a set menu for a quarter of the price of the dinner menu and they are often the same thing. The best set menu for value for money is Robuchon on the Champs Elysees its at the top of the street near the Arc de Triomphe.



Hopefully this post was useful. I hope that you all get to experience going to Paris one day. I can not wait to go back even though I only went in February. I never see everything that I want to, there is just so much to do!

Last little note:

Out of all art museums in Paris the l’orangerie is by far the most impressive. Go, and be amazed! And as some one once told me if you squint and tilt your head impressionist art looks realistic :).



Sorry I have not written a blog post for a while, I was away on holiday and it turns out that not all 1st world countries have easily accessible internet. 

So first things first what is co-washing? 

Co-washing is essentially only washing your hair with conditioner and skipping the first step of shampooing the hair. This technique works because in all conditioners there are small amounts on cleansing agents. 

So why co-wash? 

The cleansing agents in the conditioner are much less harsh than the one in shampoo and it therefore still maintains the natural oil balance in the hair which helps it staying healthy. Plus it leaves hair a lot sleeker than it does when using shampoo then conditioner. Since it does still leave some of the natural oils intact this probably won’t work for people with oily hair.

10 tips for co-washing

1.Use a light conditioner I generally use one that is recommended for oily hair. Use whatever brand that you want my preference is any brand that is cruelty free

2. Wash your hair with water thoroughly before applying the conditioner. 

3. Use the conditioner as if you were using shampoo, apply it to the roots and give them a good scrub.

4. Try and use as little conditioner as possible, usually its the same amount as you use shampoo.

5. To make the conditioner cover more of your roots just duck your hair quickly under the shower and give your head another good rub. 

6. If your ends are dry use a heavier conditioner on them.

7. Wash your hair with shampoo every 6 weeks to remove product built up I love the Big shampoo by Lush but really you can use whatever you want.

8. Try and avoid conditioners with silicones in it, even though it makes your hair sleeker it also means that there will be more product build up on your scalp. 

9. Do not try and use a hair mask instead of conditioner this will just make your roots really oily. 

10. Co-washing does tend to leave your hair a bit flat, for extra volume dust a tiny bit of dry shampoo onto your roots. 


Give co-washing a try! It has done wonders for my hair



Macadamia Natural Oil, hair care review.

The beauty world has been buzzing about this brand for a couple of years now so I finally gave in and tired it out. The macadamia and argan oil sounded super nourishing for my crispy dry hair plus they claim that they don’t test on animals, which is a super duper plus in my book.

The masque, shampoo, oil and no tangle-pre styler in a set on beauty bay. Its cheaper buying it in a set and I didn’t want to invest more money in it than I needed to for something that I might not like.


The review


The masque: The first thing that I noticed with these products is that they smell amazing, as soon as i opened the box the smell filled the entire room. I got this in the 100ml size, this is packaged in a tube rather than the tub which the 250 and the 500ml sizes come in. I always prefer tubes to tubs because I always seem to get water into the tub and its always so hard to close when your hand is slimy from the mask. So it was already winning on the packaging front. When I first used it I was shocked at how thick it was, but it melted like butter once it came into contact with my hair. I left it in for about 5mins then washed it out. Once dry my hair was slightly softer than usual but I didn’t find it the miracle product that everyone thinks it to be.


The hair oil: I hate the smell of this hair oil, it smells like Angel by Thierry Mugler, I hate that scent so much! Thankfully once absorbed by the hair the scent disappears completely. It is absorbed well by the hair, it performs best on damp hair but I use it on dry as well, just to prevent it from drying out too much, it is great to use before the beach or the pool as well to protect it from the elements and chlorine. It leaves my hair soft and deeply nourished. It is a great product and performs much better than something bought at the drug store. When this is used after the masque it makes a noticeable difference to the hair.

The shampoo: It smells nice, like the masque. I don’t find that it performs any better than other shampoos with out sulphates. It froths nicely but other than the scent its no better than the $3 bottle that I buy at the supermarket which doesn’t contain sulphates either.

Tangle pre styler: Again it smells nice, its a good heat protectant but like the shampoo it is no better than other much cheaper products on the market.

Final verdict: The masque and the oil are the 2 best products of this set. Save yourself the money and only try them, the other two products are very disappointing for the price, they do what they need to but nothing more than that.

I bought the set here:

All images courtesy of

DIY hair lightener with minimal damage


2 bags of camomile tea 

1/2 a tablespoon of honey

1 tablespoon of coconut oil

1 teaspoon of olive oil

1/2 a cup of 30% hydrogen peroxide 


  1. Place the tea bags  in 1/2 a cup of boiling water 
  2. Once the tea has cooled to warm remove the tea bags and add the honey, coconut oil and olive oil. Mix well till all the honey and coconut oil have melted
  3. Once the tea has completely cooled mix in the 1/2 cup of hydrogen peroxide.
  4. Put the mixture into a spray bottle and spray onto the sections of the hair that you want to lighten.


A mixture of coconut oil and olive oil will prevent the coconut oil from solidifying at room temperature.

This will not lighten hair straight away, it might take a couple of sessions before seeing a difference. 

Make sure to use a hair mask after use because this can still be a bit drying on the hair.